Equipment Rental


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Barrett Tree Service, Inc. offers rental of our Crane and Spider Liftwith an operator.

The terms for a Barrett Tree Service, Inc. crane rental are as follows:

1. Price:

  • Minimum: $660
  • $140 per hour after 4 hours, $210 per hour for each additional hour after 8 hours.

2. Hours:

  • The rental begins when the crane/spider lift leaves the shop.
  • The rental finishes when the crane/spider lift returns to the shop.

3. Payment:

  • Due immediately upon completion of work, at the job site, before crane/spider lift departs.

4. Site:

  • A. WIRES:

  • If working near wires (any part of crane/spider lift or load within 10 feet of wires at any point during lifts or setup), 2 EHAP certified workers with valid, current documentation must be on site for the duration of the job. It is the responsibility of the renter to identify the presence of wires before booking the rental, and to provide the EHAP certified workers. It is also the responsibility of the renter to contact the utility company and have them place protective covering over the wires in the work area. If, upon arriving at the jobsite, the operator determines that work will be performed within 10 feet of wires and the appropriate personnel are not present, or if the utility company has not been notified, the work will not proceed until appropriate personnel arrive and the utility company has granted permission to work near the wires. The renter is responsible for the rental fee in all cases, and will pay for the rental as booked, plus any overtime, whether or not any work is performed.


  • If the crane/spider lift is unable to drive to the work area and the work cannot be performed, the renter is responsible for payment of the rental as booked. If the operator determines that the site cannot support the crane/spider lift under load, the renter is responsible for payment of the rental as booked.

  • c. Disclaimer:

  • Barrett Tree Service, Inc. is not responsible for damages to anything underground or to any underground structures/systems, underground sprinklers, drainlines, septic systems, dry well systems, wells, water lines, water systems, invisible fences, or underground cables unless the system(s) are adequately and accurately mapped and marked by the authorizing party and a copy is presented before the work is performed.

  • d. Safety Authorization:

  • The authorizing party agrees to not enter the work area or allow anyone else into the work area during arboriculture operations unless authorized by the operater on-site.

  • e. Ownership:

  • The customer warrants that all trees, plant material and property upon which work is to be performed are either owned by the customer or that permission for the work has been obtained from the owner, Barrett Tree Service, Inc. is to be held harmless from all claims for damages resulting from the customer's failure to obtain such permissions.

  • f. Unknown Hazards:

  • Customer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Barrett Tree Service, Inc. for any damage to property or person caused by tree or limb failure, not directly related to work being performed by Barrett Tree Service, Inc. and their employees.


5. Weather:

  • The operator will determine if and when work stops due to weather. If the operator determines the work must stop for the remainder of the day, the rental will be rescheduled as soon as possible for both the crane/spider lift and the renter.

6. Qualified arborist (3.1.3):

  • All work will follow the ANSI Z133.1-2006 Safety Requirements for Arboricultural Operations with emphasis on section 5.7. Should our operator experience unsafe work practices in violation of the ANSI Z133.1-2006 we reserve the right to terminate the rental with pay. We can provide our own qualified arborist for an additional $100 an hour.

7. No proof of insurance, no rental.

  • Please see below.
  • Please indicate which of the following items you are interested in renting:
Please indicate which of the following items you are interested in renting: *

Please send (via mail, email or fax) proof of insurance (workman's comp, auto, and general liability) listing prior to rental to: